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Informationen zur Hauptversammlung 2015

Logo POET Technologies

Am 2015-05-12 veröffentlichte POET Technologies die Tagesordnung der Hauptversammlung am 2015-06-12 („Information Circular“). Die Aktionäre wählen den Verwaltungsrat, beschließen über die Fortführung des Optionsplans für Mitarbeiter und über die Möglichkeit einer Aktienzusammenlegung („Reverse Split“).

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Video Transcript: POET Technologies at City Investors Circle

Early February 2015 POET Technologies presented its technology and company to the City Investors Circle, London. A video of this presentation leaked, went viral, was retracted, and appeared a few days later on YouTube again – with a safe habour statement added and with remarks about GlobalFoundries‘ investments in 14 nm technology removed.

Since this presentation gives very good insights into what POET Technologies is, how its technology is poised for disrupting the industry, and how the company wants to monetize it, I organized a little grassroot initiative to create a transcript of the presentation. Here it is! Many thanks to all who participated in this effort – Ron Radford, Kristian Autio and many more.

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